Coached Sessions

Several training sessions are provided by the Club, all of which are overseen by a qualified coach.  All our Club coaches hold qualifications from either UKA (UK Athletics) or BTF (British Triathlon Federation),  at Level 1 / 2 or Leadership in Running Fitness.

The following sessions are available to all Club members. Everyone is welcome!


Tuesday coached session

Summer months at BSRC Club house, Beldams Lane, Bishops Stortford and winter months at Bishops Stortford Rugby Club, Silver Leys, Bishop’s Stortford (check event calendar for venue confirmation)

7.15 for a 7.30pm prompt start; free for members

These sessions are run every week.  All members are encouraged to attend as the session helps to improve strength and stamina, as well as speed.   If you are new to these sessions please turn up but let the coach know as it is important to build up the intensity over a few weeks to avoid injury.   The sessions usually last around 45 minutes, so are short and sharp!

Friday Track

Mark Hall Leisure Centre, Harlow

These sessions are run on an ad-hoc basis, usually during the spring / autumn.  Due to coaching limitations, these may not be available for everyone.

Saturday session

BSRC Clubhouse, 10:15 start; free for members

These sessions are open to all members.    Ideal for improving strength and stamina as well as speed and the sessions usually last about an hour.  Hill training is often on the menu but not always!  See Facebook discussion group for details each week.

Sunday Paced Runs

BSRC Club House

During training for spring and autumn marathons we often arrange ad-hoc paced runs from the Club House on a Sunday morning.  These will be advertised on the event calendar and via club email.  We usually look for people to lead the groups depending on the pace required and these runs are anywhere between 14 – 20 miles.


Cycling (organised by the Club’s multisport section, Stortford Tri)

Thursday Turbo Training

BSRC Clubhouse, 7.45 for 8.00pm start, free for members

Held during the winter months work out to some banging sound tracks whilst improving your cycling in readiness for the tri season.  This is not just for triathletes though as cross training is beneficial for all.

Thursday Evening Outdoor Cycling

Venue – Allen’s Green or Audley End, times depending on daylight, free

In the summer and the lighter evenings the group meets at Allen’s Green for interval training (the ride out is the warmup).   Once a month, the group also attend a 10M time trial at Audley End.  Check the Stortford Tri website for details of both.

Sunday Morning Cycling

Starting point – Clubhouse, 8:30am, free

Four different paced groups ride from the Clubhouse on varying distances taking advantage of quiet country roads.     Longer rides may have cafe stop.


Swimming (organised by the Club’s multisport section, Stortford Tri)

Tuesday evening swim

Grange Paddocks Swimming Pool, 9 – 10pm, Cost – £5

This session is open to all club members, regardless of whether you intend to ever do a triathlon or other event involving swimming.  Swimming is a fantastic form of cross training and a great way to keep up training if you have to take it easy due to an injury.  On Tuesday nights, we have the entire pool ourselves, with lanes of different abilities, so there is something for everyone. There is always a structured session plan and a coach is on hand to provide advice and answer questions.
Minimum swimming ability to take part in the session is being able to swim at least basic freestyle.  Even if you’re not ready straight away to follow the session plans, we can help you develop your stroke and improve you swimming endurance to the point where you are able to swim the main sessions.  Please note that we can’t teach you to swim, so if you’re a complete non-swimmer, you will have to take some swimming lessons first.


Open Water swim

Redricks Lakes, Redricks Lane, Sawbridgeworth

8.30 for 8.45am, Saturday morning between May and October

Cost – £7 for casual visits; £5 with lake membership (£15)

For a number of reasons, we can’t provide any open water swim coaching, however we do operate an informal “buddy” system whereby a more experienced swimmer can take you around the lake for your first few times.  Just let us know in advance that you’re coming so we can match you with a suitable swimmer.  In the mean time, coaching company RG Active provides coached sessions at the lake for various levels of ability. See their website for costs and timings and to book.

There is no requirement to wear a wetsuit in the lake although if you choose to go in “skins”, you need to use a flotation buoy, available to hire for £5/session if you don’t have your own. You should be aware that quite a few swimmers report having “swimmer’s itch” after swimming without a wetsuit.  Swimmer’s itch is caused by duck fleas, a tiny duck parasite commonly found in vegetation rich lakes.  Duck flea bites are completely harmless and usually invisible (no rash/bumps) but they do itch something fierce!  Various remedies involving bug spray, vaseline, aloe vera and other things have been tried, with varying levels of success.
If you don’t own a wetsuit and don’t immediately want to invest in one, ask around at the club – some people are unable to swim at the moment or might have an old one lying around that they are happy to lend out.  There are also a few websites that hire out wetsuits for the season at quite reasonable prices – make sure you get one for the season though, to reduce the cost.
There is a pleasant 5km loop from the lake along the river so in proper multisport fashion, some of us sneak in a quick run after our swim. If you’re unsure about directions, ask any of the regulars – we’d be happy to take you along!  Finally, make sure you bring along an extra few pounds for a bacon sandwich and a cuppa after your swim as the breakfast at the lake is truly excellent.



All our coaches are available to offer training advice to any of you.  Tim, John and Viv are able to devise tailored spring or autumn marathon training plans, subject to availability.  Please bear in mind that we all work full time so contact outside of office hours, preferably via email, is appreciated.

See the Coaches Page for biographies of all our Club Coaches.