Triathlon & Multi-Sport Awards

There are three Triathlon and Multi-sport award categories:

  • Triathlon Performance Awards
    Male and female awards for best result based on a member’s four best triathlon results from the season. Male and female awards.
  • Multi-sport Achievement Award
    Awarded by the Multi-sport Award subcommittee based upon performance/achievement in a multi-sport event/discipline (including but not limited to triathlon).
  • In the Spirit Award
    Awarded by the Multi-sport Award subcommittee, based upon contribution or endeavour in the multi-sport arena.

Scoring for Triathlon Performance Award

Scoring to follow British Triathlon Federation age-group ranking method where an athlete’s time is compared to the 40th percentile position in their age group (referred to as T40).

You are being measured by your performance relative to the others in your age-group that raced. This makes it course independent and age independent.

Full details including a worked example will appear here later. (Its not as complicated as it sounds, honest)