Summer Road Races (MWRRL)

2017 fixtures

Fixture dates coming soon – watch this space

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Results appear on the MWRRL website

What is MWRRL?

Midweek Road Race League, but don’t be afraid of the words ‘league’ or ‘race’ as this is for all our members, not just the ‘elite’ runners. If you can run 10km, then come along – we want to get as many runners out to these events as possible.

The MWRRL is a series of local road races of approx 10km taking place on evenings in May/June/July between running clubs in Hertfordshire. Most races start at 7.45pm.

There are four races which count towards the league and then a final run called the Mob Match where the prizes are handed out. You don’t have to do all the races in the series – if you just want to do one, just do one.

We don’t pick a team for these races (other than for our home fixture due to the need to provide marshals as well – more on that later), the races are for all club members.

You can turn up on the day for these events.  All you need to do is make sure you wear Club colours, or at least a T-shirt with BSRC on it. If you request it before, or at your first race, you will be given a race number which you must keep for the whole series.

Why do these races?

They are good races, not too big, local and they don’t tie up a weekend! They are also part of the new Club Championship, so you can score points for our Club Championship League.

Getting to the events

Close to the events, further details will appear here and be sent out on the Club email. Car is encouraged.   Please use the Facebook group to make arrangements.

Our home race

Our first priority in our home race is to make sure it is well run. For that we need volunteers to marshal, organise start/finish, do the catering, etc.

To ensure the successful running of the event we must use the policy that in order to run, you must first volunteer to help. Once we have enough volunteers, we will start to let those who wish to, to run in the race. There will be a list in the club house.

The earlier you are on the list, the higher the likelihood you will get to run. Please volunteer to help if you do not wish to run, it will allow someone else to run. Partners and friends are welcome as volunteers too – again it can allow more of us to run.

Club Championship Scoring

Three of the four MWRRL races will count towards the Club Championship (we can’t score at our own race because a large number of us will be marshalling). That’s half the number of races required for a full scoring set of races!

Scoring is just as for all the races in the Club Champs – first runner home for our Club gets 50 points, 2nd home gets 49 points, and then decreasing by one point for each further Club finisher. Points are awarded separately for male and female finishers – so that’s 50pts for first male and 50pts for first female.