Endurance Challenge Award

This award is intended for those who run longer distance running races – up to and beyond half marathons.

It has been the primary award group for the Club for many years, under the title ‘Challenge Trophy’.

For this award category, members must complete a prescribed number of races at prescribed distances. Any race can be used in qualification for this award, including but not limited to those included in the Club Championship (with careful race choice, you could qualify for both the Club Championship and the Endurance Challenge with just six or seven races).

Age categories and Awards for Endurance Challenge

There are four age categories for the Endurance Challenge:

  • Open – men and women aged 18 years and above
  • Veteran – women 35 to 44 years; men 40 to 49 years
  • Super-Vet – women 45 to 54 years; men 50 to 59 years
  • Vintage – women 55+; men 60+There will be separate male and female awards for the Endurance Challenge. Category winners receive a trophy (to be kept for the year) plus individual shield to keep.

Qualifying races for Endurance Challenge

Required races for the Endurance Challenge are:

Open category:

  • Any two short races – between 5 and 7 miles
  • And any two ten mile races
  • And any two half marathon races
  • Any one race 15 miles or longer

Other categories:

  • Any two short races – between 5 and 7 miles
  • And any two ten mile races
  • And any two races of half marathon or longerFor each qualifying race, min/mile pace will be calculated. Pace for each race will be summed to give an overall score. Fastest overall pace wins.

A list of your race times must be submitted to the Results Coordinator by 31st December at the latest, but race results should really be submitted through the year via the results@bsrc.org.uk email address.