Club Championship Award

Club Championship overview

For the Club Championship, members score points according to their finishing position relative to other club members in any of the chosen Club Championship races. A list of Club Championship races can be found on the notice-board, the Race Calendar and the weekly Notices (upcoming events).  There are plenty of races of different distances to choose from.

Members’ final scores will be a total of scores from up to six races from the current season. Note that you do not have to do six races before you obtain a Championship score. If you do fewer than six races, all your races will count. If you do more than six races from the list, your best six races will count.

Within the Club Championship there are separate male and female leagues. In each league, there are usually four Divisions, (more divisions will be added if numbers increase signicantly).    Divisions can be viewed via the race database in the Race Results.

New members are allocated to divisions according to a recent five mile (i.e. the ClubTime Trial) or 10K race time. This time does not have to be submitted before being able to score in another longer or shorter event. There will normally be awards for the first and second places in each Division.

Club Championship Background

Our Club Championship was introduced 2009, during which 114 Club members took part in the chosen races – a great level of participation for the first year.   Our Club Championship is modelled on championship schemes observed at other running clubs.   It replaced the Challenge Trophy (now renamed the Endurance Challenge) which required members to be running distances greater than a half marathon before they could qualify for an award.  The Club Championship aims to:

  • Include a more diverse range of race distances/disciplines in the awards
  • Enable more members to participate in and qualify for awards
  • Reward members for racing for their club, particularly in local events and leagues
  • Support local races
  • Encourage and recognise the race to race rivalry with your similar paced running friends